Spotlight on Womens' Football

In support of Girls’ Football Week, we’ve been hosting several tournaments, social league games and matches across campus.

We also met the Womens’ Football team President Sophie Shapter who told us she got into football when she was six or seven and used to play with the boys on her street.

Sophie continued: “We’d play mini matches on the cramped pavement or kick the ball against the wall. At school football for girls was never an option! Instead I played hockey and got very involved with rowing.

“It wasn’t until my final year of sixth form, ten years on from the street football, that my school set up a girls football team and we played for half the year. When I arrived at Royal Holloway, I decided to join the football club over hockey to do something a bit different and improve the little skills I had learnt! Since then I’ve never looked back and I absolutely love it.”

You can read the rest of the Psychology student’s interview on the student intranet or you can find out more about staying active on campus.